Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Creatures MonsWars (Zhong Jie Toys 201X)

I returned to bootleg heaven some weeks ago. My last trip there was graced with some sweet finds. Tenerife turned out to be a true gold mine for bootlegs. Chino bodegas are spread all over the island. So the first thing I did when I got there was driving to my usual spots, where I was hoping to dig out new treasures. But this time, all I could find were stinky tanks, guns n' dolls . My old bootleg source seemed tapped. Mr Toy Turky began knocking on my door. But then I stumbled apon another gold vein!

A chino bodega toy aisle packed with stuff. And right in the middle of it, I found this!

Creatures, MonsWars is their name! Made by the Chinese manufacturer Zhong Jie Toys. Apparently they showed up in Dollar and Pound stores for the first time not too long ago. I for my part have never heard of them before. But when I saw them standing there in the bodega store, I knew they've been waiting for me their entire lives!

There's 3 figures to collect! Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Gorilla.

As you can see, the ones I got came in blister boxes. The others I found on the Internet so far had different packagings. I love that box though, and totally dig the artwork. It's cheap looking, yes. And a straight bootleg of the 90s video game. But it's more than you can expect from a $1 toy!



The sculpts are unbelievable well executed for cheap knock-offs! They paint jobs are kinda sloppy, but they look good enough. The Gorilla seems to be based on a monster that originally appeared in the video game, Creatures. Triceratops is probably based on Powers of Grayskull Bionatops. The Tyrannosaurus reminds me of something I've probably seen in Spawn? I don't know, but the concept looks familiar to me. (He could also be part of Goodleg Toys' War on Prehis or Lauzer-Saurs of course, ha!)

All three figures have articulated heads, arms, legs, and tail (except for Gorilla, who doesn't have any tail). Their pop-in joints even make their parts interchangeable. Although I doubt this originally was part of their concept. Here's my best-of!

Unfortunately I didn't have enough space in my luggage. Otherwise I would have brought the whole stock with me. Would have loved to do some repaints of them. Anyway, good stuff!


  1. Atleast the Gorilla and T.rex are bootlegs of these:

  2. I have that gorilla, only it was from a line called "Biological Variation" (appropriate!). He came in a barrel of slime, in pieces, so I had no idea what it was when I handed over my shiny pound coin for it...

  3. As said by another Anonymus user, the gorilla and t.rex is from 4D Master and they're named Zombie Kong and Cyborgic Rex, respectively. And about the interchangable parts, according to 4D Master's site, the joints are actually made switching parts so good job figuring that out.
    Check out the original manufacturer's site, they're actually cool designs (mostly dragons!), and I have one named Galegon