Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

WAR ON PREHIS - SHE-DRONE (Goodleg Toys 2014)

I don't post on here very often. But when I do it better be awesome. SHE-DRONE, SHE-DRONE!!! That's the name of my latest creation, me and my partner at Goodleg Toys brought to life as part of our WAR ON PREHIS toyline.

Four-legged, with a flesh eating organism planted on her chest, a poisonous sting at her tail, and neon colored hair… She-Drone is the first female character Goodleg Toys ever created. It only took us 10 WoP figures to be precise. (10!! When did we start this thing again? Spring 2013?! WOW!!)

I felt it was about time to include a female character in our WAR ON PREHIS line-up. We had so many female fans asking about stuff like this in the past, there simply was no way around getting a She-Drone out. So, when I was developing the character, I sat down with wifey one day. And we talked about a woman's traditional weapons. We agreed on this to be her boobs, legs, and butt. So I simply moved forward and imagined what these weapons would look like on a godforsaken planet like Prehis. Claw boobs, mecha-spider legs, and a poisonous tail is all you need to make a man's day on Prehis. I hope I don't sound sexist now. Because I'm not. She-Drone is Goodleg's contribution for gender equality!

She comes hand casted in dark purple resin, hand painted, and features 9 points of articulation. And of course, bagged with header! Preorders for this beauty start upcoming Friday, 08/08, @ Midnight GMT+1 over in the Goodleg shoppe.

WAR ON PENIS? This time for real. BRING IT ON! ;)

More pictures here!

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