Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Pocket Horrors "Skull" (199X)

The time for an update is long overdue. I'm a bad Toywalker, I know. But this time I don't wanna give any false promises. I'm drowning in work and diapers. And there won't be much time left to keep this page running. Not in 2013, not in 2014. But I'll die trying anyway, haha!

Ok, what's up next? I have loads of stuff I meant to review. Let's just pick the cherries from the cake then.

I think y'all know about Might Max, right? Yeah, those sweet little playsets from the 90s. Polly Pocket for boys! But how about Pocket Horrors? Ever heard of these? No? Well, then it's about time!

Pocket Horrors is a 90s Mighty Max knock-off line made by some no-name Chinese manufacturer, consisting of four amazingly sweet mini playsets. A dragon, a zombie, a vampire, and a skull. Here's a great page showing off all of them.

Pretty neat, eh? Fortunately I was lucky enough to score the Skull playset a few days ago. It's missing the spider though (or what else it's supposed to be), but it's still a nice toy. Especially with those two skeleton guys hidden inside this crazy laboratory. I mean it looks like a lab to me. With all the cables and the power source (?) in there next to the coffin. This totally looks like an early 90s b-movie scenery!

Just look at all that detail! Brain, cables, real gore, splatter, and more. The Horror Pockets' Skull has it all! Now all I gotta find is the rest of 'em. Just gotta keep hunting a bit more I guess. Because they don't seem that easy to get hold of... 

Til' next time, geeks! In a not too distant future I hope!

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