Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Mighty Warsaurus (Chap Mei 1990s)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bucky O' Hare, Cow-Boys of Moo Mesa, Cyboars, Earthworm Jim... Street Sharks, Dinosaucers, and Extreme Dinosaurs... If you take a look at the kind of stuff that came out throughout the 90s, you'll come to the conclusion that mutants, especially cyborg mutants, were pretty popular during this time period. The 90s were also heyday for all sorts of cheap knock-off toys jumping the bandwagon.

The Mighty Warsaurus toyline by Chap Mei was one of them. Consisting of just 3 figures, the China based manufacturer was knocking off Mattel's Extreme Dinosaurs Bullzeye, Spike, and T-Bone at its finest! The figures came out carded, with blank cards on the back, packed with a backpack and a weapon. The design of the figures was amazingly well executed for being a "cheap" knock-off. By the way, Chap Mei actually did (and still does) alot of cool designs, that can easily compete with the "originals".

The Mighty Warsaurus (pretty cool name!) were basically like Dinosaucers and Extreme Dinosaurs cyborg dinosaurs from space. The figures were about 4" big, had 3 points of articulation (on shoulders, and waist) and had a very basic but decent paint job. "Bullzeye" and "Spike" had a claw arm. "T-Bone", my favorite Warsaurus, came with a gun arm.

I scored a whole Warsaurus set from a dutch collector, after I've been searching for these quite a while. I even got my fingers on a carded one! Like many knock-off toys, these dudes might have been cheap back in the days, but are a bitch to find today. I can tell!

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