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Battle Gaze Homophobos (BigManToys 2011)

If you're under 18, please stop reading now. If you won't get the point of a MotU bootleg with an ultra gigantic penis, please don't read any further either. Because what's about to be revealed now, is the "Real Mature Stuff".

You probably know, that I've gotten into resin art toys. One of my favorite artists these days is Lee Burbridge, the mastermind behind BigManToys. He's got famous for his Treegarr figure, which is nominated for the year's best resin piece at the Clutter Designer Toy Awards. Treegarr is a sick figure, and I hope it gonna win! (Even though "toy awards" don't mean a thing to me.) But I tell you what. The piece I got from BigManToys in the mail today is sicker! It's called Homophobos, from the Battle Gaze line, Lee's early creative period.

The line's concept: Customized MotU bootlegs with boners. Yeah, you heard right. I know, Lee actually had to take alot of shit for what he's been doing. But only because people didn't get his point. So what's the point exactly? First of all, this stuff is art! And I mean for real art, not toys. This is where the misunderstanding comes from. Wanna know what makes this art then? Ever heard of dialectics? No? Well, lemme try to tell you about it.

Art is fusing extremes as one, crossing borders, putting contradictions and the gap between "subjective" thoughts and "objective" things into one, bringing them to a common denominator without eliminating them. What the heck does this mean now? Well, there's this for some reason ultra gay looking He-Man figure we've all grown up with. A half naked guy in a loincloth, with huge biceps, who at the same time was created as a prototype of an 80s boys toy, designed after the image of pure "heterosexual" masculinity. Touché! I think everybody was aware of this contradiction. All the time. But everybody was afraid to speak it out loudly, or just couldn't express his inner feelings. And this is exactly where Lee's art comes in!

Lee Burbridge went ahead, and did what had to be done from an artist's perspective. He gave He-Man his penis (back)! I doubt there will ever be a MotU art toy this appropriate and beyond the line at the same time! And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what art IMO is about! Fusing contradictions as one.

Enough elitist babbling for today, let's get our eyes on the toy now... I mean, art toy - hah! (Touché, again.)

Homophobos (that name!) is casted in red tranlucent resin, with a few bugs (I assume toy bugs) casted-in. Boots and penis are custom made. The details on Homophobos' hangers are insane btw! Arms, legs, and torso are He-Man bootlegs. The head is actually a Micronauts Baron Karza bootleg. The nipples are custom made, as well. The paint job is just like the whole cast, a gigantic dick slap to your head. Pure blasphemy, punk rock ftw! Head, torso, and crotch are connected through magnets, allowing for a smooth articulation. Speaking of articulation, Homophobos has articulation on neck, shoulders, and waist.

The figure came bagged with a header that gave me the most hysterical laughter in years. Showing a Battle Gaze battling scene Lee even wrote a story to! You can check it out here http://bigmantoys.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/battle-gaze-story-time-storming-narrow.html. Be prepared for the read of the century!

And def make sure to check out BigManToys' webstore http://www.bigmantoys.bigcartel.com/, if you ever wanna get your fingers on one of Lee's ingenious art toys. This is the kinda stuff that will be seen in art museums in a not too distant future. Garanteed!

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