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Trip to Bootleg Heaven (Tenerife, Spain - Fall 2012)

Wow, I'm getting lazy again! Almost 4 weeks went by since my last update?! Tempus fugit! About time for another entry! Well, let's see what we got ... Actually loads of toys that're waiting for getting reviewed on here. Maybe I should just start writing entries on more than just one toy or toyline at a time. How about that? And I'm totally in the mood for reviewing some garbage today!

I figured I never did a note on my trip to Tenerife, Spain last fall. Being a sucker for knock-offs and bootlegs, it actually turned out to be a visit to bootleg heaven. While the bootleg culture keeps declining over here, cheap China shops in Spain keep growing. I spent hours in these huge market halls, debating how much stuff's gonna fit in my bag on the plane.

There're already numerous of pictures floating around in the Internets showing the weirdest China bootlegs of everything (un-)imaginable. Especially the legendary superheroes sets mashing-up Marvel and DC with Disney, Pixar and what not. I picked up one of the better sets. "Better" as in sculpts and paintjobs are not beyond everything. For bootlegs they're actually pretty good. And mashing up Marvel and DC characters as one is excusable I guess.

This is the one I got:

These are the ones I probably gonna pick up next time:

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I was high on cheap plastic, hah! Not only superheroes got my attention though. I also found this:

I already picked one of these bad looking wrestling bootleg sets called "Boxing King Federation" in 2011, exactly in the same spot! Finding another set was a real mindblower. I've never thought of this as an actual line that really existed. But then this happened:

Yes, what you see is true! A 5.5" Boxing King Federation release, with a slogan that's totally making no sense at all! Wow! Since I've never seen or heard of this before (and it was actually the only (or last?) figure they had) I assume I'm the only collector in the entire Universe who's in the posession of one of this HTF 5.5" Boxing Kings! OH YEAH BABY YEAH! :P

Seriously. This dude is beyond awful. And that's exactly why I picked him up. He looked so sad and neglected in his destroyed blister, I had to take him home. I'm curious where all his friends are though, that I found pictures of on the packaging. I'm sure they're looking for a new home, as well.

I love me some complete 5.5" Boxing King Federation collection! Maybe... Maybe some day, maybe some day soon...

You think you've seen it all now, huh? Now, before I go to bed you have to check this guy out!

Yeah right, some random white guy in a WWE suit, packed with a chainsaw, a crutch, and a... is this a centipede? And who the hell is that black guy shown on that blister? ... Yeah, sure he's got a centipede! 'Cuz he's the "Superior Wrestle King"! "Powered Maniac Bellow"!" Power Superior Wrestle TMPACT"!!! And he just might turn black when bellowing... Any questions?

Well, I think that was enough rubbish for today. Some of these toys might be toxic just by the look at them! So don't overdose! You better be back for the "Trip to Bootleg Heaven Part II" going down by the end of the week!

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