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Trip to Bootleg Heaven Part II (Tenerife, Spain - Fall 2012)

Before I'm getting busy with other stuff again, here's the promised "Trip to Bootleg Heaven Part II". I'll shed some light on a few more rad bootleg and rip-off toys I came across during my stay on Tenerife last fall.

We've already seen those great Marvel & DC mash-ups, and Wrestling bootlegs in the last entry. I found these in the huge market halls on Tenerife that are rammed with the cheap and most toxic China stuff. So as I got high on cheap plastic fumes while rummaging around in those gigantic boxes for the cream of the crap, this weirdo was suddenly looking at me:

I can't really tell you what it is. It was the last piece, assuming there've been more. The head looks familiar, somehow. So does the body. It looks like the bootleg of some hag head sculpt on the body of an alien toy. Kit-bashed, and made of soft rubber, with a red slime filled squeezing ball in the head. When you squeeze it, the eyes pop out. This toy is just too ugly to be true. Which is exactly why I picked it up!

In contrary to this weirdo, what you could find everywhere on Tenerife were all sorts of robots, and Metal Heroes like Gundam, Power Rangers, and BeetleBorgs bootlegs.

What always gives me a good lol are these wild n' cheesy buzz word combinations on the packagings. "Angel 3 Invincibility Super Design - Transformking", "Rob-Ots Super Hero", "Transformers Super", "Super Gundam - Mobile Suit Gundam", "Gerrero Galactico - Super Change"... So everything's super, actually! I even dared to open one of those blisters. Ah, that smell still is in my nostrils! The silver paint came off to stick on my fingers. Oh, wait! It's till there! (Exaggerating a bit now.) The torso of those Gerreros is a hollow cast, held together by small screws and probably some glue. The "Super Change" armor actually worked. I would've never thought of this! 

Too bad I couldn't find the black and green Borg, too. But wait, on the packaging the green Borg is actually the blue one?! Ant the red one is pictured black?! Hm, this means I might be complete on the set, right?

Last not least I'd like to present the best two scores of my entire stay. THIS!


Yeah, right - a two-headed (!!!) Godzilla bootleg made of rubber, and a "Super Battery Operated Space Fighter". "Light Function... Voice Function... Walking Action". The best part of it, it worked! Bet what I was doing on Tenerife when I wasn't toy hunting after I found this guy! Right, I laid in front of this Space Fighter, going crazy over this fantastic piece of fully operationable advanced china rubbish. Check it out!

Final note: You know why bootleg collecting is for adults? Because kids would lick off the silver paint from those Gereros and die, and break these fragile fabriquates of supreme bootleg junk within seconds! Well, ok - I'm also used to lick off that silver paint to get high on it. But I'm mature enough to take good care of toys like that Space Fighter. Because when my kids are in the right age, I'd like to pass this thing onto them... But that's not gonna happen within the next 25 years or so. I really hope these toys are made to last that long! Maybe the chemical substances they used to make these toys are even able to create black holes or something, and wipe out the entire Universe! Anyway, I think I need to book my next flight to Bootleg Heaven very soon. Until next time, geeks!

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