Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Trip to Bootleg Heaven Part II (Tenerife, Spain - Fall 2012)

Before I'm getting busy with other stuff again, here's the promised "Trip to Bootleg Heaven Part II". I'll shed some light on a few more rad bootleg and rip-off toys I came across during my stay on Tenerife last fall.

We've already seen those great Marvel & DC mash-ups, and Wrestling bootlegs in the last entry. I found these in the huge market halls on Tenerife that are rammed with the cheap and most toxic China stuff. So as I got high on cheap plastic fumes while rummaging around in those gigantic boxes for the cream of the crap, this weirdo was suddenly looking at me:

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Trip to Bootleg Heaven (Tenerife, Spain - Fall 2012)

Wow, I'm getting lazy again! Almost 4 weeks went by since my last update?! Tempus fugit! About time for another entry! Well, let's see what we got ... Actually loads of toys that're waiting for getting reviewed on here. Maybe I should just start writing entries on more than just one toy or toyline at a time. How about that? And I'm totally in the mood for reviewing some garbage today!