Montag, 15. April 2013

Tales form the Cryptkeeper - Zombie & Frankenstein (Ace Novelty 1993)

Like I promised, I give my best to fill this site more often again! So, I thought it's about time for another update on Toywalker's Blog.

Last weekend I've been on the hunt again, and found some pretty cool stuff. Some very rare Hook figures, Terminator 2, El Corros (sort of Zorro knock-offs), a few The Shadow figures, and two Tales from the Cryptkeeper (TftC) figures. All MOC! I'm sure gonna review a few more of them on here. For today I wanted to start with a closer look on TftC Zombie and Frankenstein.

Tales from the Cryktkeeper (1993) was a cartoon adaption for kids of the Tales from the Crypt horror TV show, that was actually directed at adults. (I didn't see much of the cartoon as a kid by the way. Only the TV show for adults, heh!) In both the adults' and kids' show a ghoulish looking turd in a crypt, the Cryptkeeper, was telling short horror stories to the audience.

Ace Novelty released a TftC action figure toyline based on the show, consisting of 8 figures in total: 2 variants of the Cryptkeeper, Werewolf, Vampire, Mummy, Gargoyle, Frankenstein, and Zombie.

Looking at the cardback of the 2 figs I scored, I must say they all look pretty rad. I love the whacky and cheap looking design of the figures. All of them came with a special action feature. You can rip off Zombie's right forearm and lower left leg. He also does glow in the dark! Frankenstein has interchangeable limbs. I can't tell much about the action features the other figures came with. But I hopefully will, soon!

Yes, because I want them all now! I mean these toys are executed very simple. There's not much about them. They didn't even come with any accessory, possibly to reduce production cost. The artwork isn't the greatest. Everything looks like it had to be done quick and more or less dirty. But when you ask me, as a sucker for everything weird with a KO'ish scent to it, that's exactly where the Tales from the Cryptkeeper line's charme is coming from!

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