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War on Prehis (Goodleg Toys 2012/13)

Toys are my life (well, besides familiy and friends). This is why I started Toy Sector. My ambition is to do the things I love the most, and make a living of this. Yes, DO things, get shit done, that's most important of all! And there's a next level to just collecting and selling toys. It's to make toys, the ones you always wanted but never had. Not because your parents didn't allow you to own them, no. Because they never existed, and it's up to you to create them, because no one else is gonna make them for you.

I was having this idea of a line, combining both prehistoric and futuristic elements since quite a while now. A bit like MotU, but weirder... A bit like Dino Riders, but their world turned up side down... A bit like The Borg, but with a more zombie altered attitude. And while I was carrying this idea with me, the Berlin based artist Pablo Perra came my way and said "hey, don't you also want this thoughts out of your head and become reality?" And I said, "yes". That was about 3 months ago from now.

In the meantime we founded Goodleg Toys and started working on our first project, called War on Prehis (WoP). I came up with the outline and raw sketches of what the line was supposed to look like. And Pablo came up with the skills and brilliant ideas to mold vivid dreams into matter. The whole process was like giving birth to an old familiar friend.

So, WoP is combining the genres of cyborgs, zombies, and prehistoric beasts - everything awesome, if you ask me. This is how we roll:

Basically the idea of WoP is a postapocalyptic scenario on a planet were a supreme race of dinosaurs rules over primitive human beings, and is using them as drones or tools in their daily battles for survival.

I can't reveal any further details at the moment, but for the first wave of figures we're planning to release 3 Ultimate Cyborg Zombie Battle Drones (UCZBD), and at least 1 Cyber-Genetic Killer Battle Saur (CGKBS). The prototypes of the UCZBD are finished, and we recently did the first resin testshots. The prototype of the first CGKBS is still work in progress. As well as the proper technical equipment to get these toys done the way we want - 100%!

There's already been an entry over on for the upcoming release of WoP, that I'm very grateful for btw! Niall "Trutek" Anderson does an amazing job, so make sure to check out his awesome website! There can never be enough word out there though, on the toys that I always wanted, but never existed, so I had to produce them myself.

The feedback on the line's been really good so far. So I hope you, my dear readers, will also like what you get to see now. If you do, then please give us a like over on and stay tuned for some amazing shit to come. You can also like our business page if you want to see more of the stuff we're planning.

I also wanna say thank you to all you guys out there who's been supporting WoP in the past couple of months. You guys are awesome, and we really appreciate your enthusiasm... THANKS, and be prepared for some sick toys to go down!

Work in progress header art

Prototype modeling
1st Color tests

1st resin testshots "Claw Drone"

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