Freitag, 2. November 2012

Sharkgut Wayne Gacy (Killer Bootlegs 2012)

Have you ever considered bootlegging an art instead of a crime? No?! Well, then you clearly haven't checked out the amazing stuff from Killer Bootlegs! Peter "Wheatstraw" Goral is the artist and mastermind behind all this. His motto: "To murder every action figure ever produced." And he's doing good! His victims are selling fast, in strictly limited runs. So, I'm happy I was able to score one of his Sharkgut Wayne Gacy figures a few weeks back, wohooo! And what a figure it is! Literally, a killer bootleg!

Sharkgut is a cross-breeding of Vintage Star Wars figures (like Nien Nunb, Ree Yees, and Bossk), and Vintage MotU Whiplash. Sure, all what Killer Bootlegs does is to combine old, familiar action figure parts, and cast them into new, freaky colors. But that's exactly what makes his work so fascinating!

There's something more about the result, something which goes beyond simply bootlegging things. A combination of old, familiar pieces that don't really match, but still work as "one" unique, colorful thing - what else can you call it, if not art! But see for yourself. Oh, and check out Killer Bootlegs' shoppe if you'd like to have one of his figures for yourself!

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