Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

TF G1 Dreadwind Bootleg - F16 Fighting Plane Buster Robot (Alme 90s)

It's bootleg time again!

Lemme give you guys some cool images of this freaking awesome TF Dreadwind Bootleg I recently came across. The Buster Robot F-16 Fighting Plane is an exact copy of the orginial G1 Decepticon, and was released by Alme (Taiwan) in the 90s. At least that's what I guess. The box doesn't show any year, but telling from the packaging's and the F-16's color scheme, I'm damn sure this thing comes from the 90s era.

Oddly, the Buster Robot also comes with a bootleg helmet of Piranacon, that can be attached to its head. The small engine robot that came with the OG Dreadwind is missing, the slot is there though and is working.

The Fighting Plane's box art is amazing, showing the original artwork of G1 Dreadwind with alternate colors. Funny is the "Playing Method" shown on the box, saying it's "4 in 1". Actually it's just two - the alternate and the robot form. Maybe three, so far the helmet might turn this thing into some Dreadwindacon bootleg. Anyway, this Buster Robot is definitely kick ass and a nice looking trophy for both bootleg collectors and Transformers fans. I got some for sale actually, over at Toy Sector. Check them out, if you like. But enjoy the pictures of this awesome toy first!


  1. Forgot to mention the quality! It's good. I'd say even more solid than the original. ;)

  2. I guess I know why it is called Buster Robot. That toy represents another character in the japanese G1 continuity. And he is called Buster..