Dienstag, 25. September 2012

L.A.S.E.R. Nomad (Geoffrey LLC 2011)

I'm an addict. Which means, I need my daily toy fix or I'm feeling bad. I think that's also one main reason why I started selling toys, just to make sure I will never run out of stuff to consume. Sometimes though, you don't want to get high on your own supplies. These are the days when I spend my local TRU stores a visit, just to find the same old shit at shelves. I don't know how often I already mentioned it before, but German TRU sucks when it comes to action figures.

No, TRU ain't selling GI Joe over here. The last time they did, it were the RoC figs. And nobody wanted them, except me. What they still got are those awful GI Joe knock-offs, called True Heroes. Even a lover of bootlegs and knock-offs like me found them too crappy to collect. Until last weekend. As I was sneaking around the shelves, suddenly an enormous box catched my attention, with some sort of BattleTech robot in it. I took a closer look and what I found is indeed the best action toy I've seen at German TRU in years: The L.A.S.E.R. Nomad.

L.A.S.E.R. (Land Air Sea Elite Rangers) is a sub-line of True Heroes. It even has it's own background story. "In the year 2099 government leaders from all countries banded together to create an elite strike force known as L.A.S.E.R. The Land, Air, Sea Elite Rangers are defenders of freedom. Their one and only mission is to protect the world against all threats, both foreign and domestic. Each ranger is equipped with state of the art weaponry , and his highly specialised in in multiple areas of combat and military intelligence. No task is too great. No environmet too extreme. The elite rangers are trained and prepared to execute their mission at any time in order to keep the world safe."

That definitely sounds like an arrant copy of GI Joe. Anyways, the Nomad is awesome. It got weapons, it got sound, it got "bling bling", and it looks pretty rad - what else does a cool action toy need? Right! Articulated legs for walking, a spinning rotor blade, and a neat figure that comes with it.

The Nomad includes one of four LASER figs, that are also available in a 4-pack. I got that, too. And yes, it's totally worth it! They have Joe size (about 3 3/4"), and remind me of the Star Brigade stuff that we had in the 90s. Unlike Joes, LASER figures are missing decent articulation though. Otherwise they're kick ass figures, and the 4-pack is just 9.99 € / $.

The Nomad is 14.99 € / $, which in my opinion is an even better deal. It's simply fun to mess around with this toy. It has many movable parts, like the two cockpits, the weapon arms etc. The plastic is a bit flimsy, and it's hollow, but hey! - what do you expect from a cheap toy like this!? Right, just a few moments of joy, and some plastic to consume quick. I like it. I like it even so much, that I might get back to my local TRU to get me another fix.

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