Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

WWF Action Figures by Hasbro - Straight from the Golden Age of Wrestling

While I went through another huge lot of WWF Hasbro figures that I got, I was hooked on this old familiar feeling again. A feeling I can hardly describe, if not with the words of divinity again.

Everytime I watched the World Wrestling Federation matches at my friend's place as a kid, it simply blew me away into another sphere. The show, the colors, the screaming audiences, the fighters in the ring - my senses of space and time, my modes of perception, they were no more. There was just this tremendous happening on the TV screen that hypnotized me, that I now was a part of.
The early 90s were the true Golden Age of wrestling. Forget all this bullshit that is going on today. I don't even follow wrestling anymore. When I'm watching, then it's the old matches from the WWF era. What have faceless meat bags like Cena, CM Punk, and Kingston on unique characters like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior, and Papa Shango? Right, they got nothing on them! 

Today, they all look the same to me. They lack charisma, they lack style, they lack everything what wrestling was about - unique show fighters, each portraying one of a kind, they are no more. You can also see this when comparing the Hasbro wrestling action figures of the 90s with contemporary ones. Back then, each of the 5" figs had a unique sculpt, doing justice to the "real life" wrestlers in the ring. As a kid I was crazy about those. I used to have loads of them, could bring hours playing with them, re-enacting the the fights I've seen on TV before.  

But experience the uniqueness for yourself once more! Below you can find pictures of some of my all time WWF Hasbro faves. What are yours?