Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Quick and Dirty - The Wrestling Action Figures by Greenbrier (2012)

Yes, I'm all types of crazy about wrestling again. First, some vintage WWF figures I scored got me hooked. Then my buddy YoJoeNathan sent me some very cool Ray Mysterio WWE KOs from the US. I think I don't have to mention again, that I'm a huge lover of knock-offs. So, as a matter of fact these cheap pieces of plastic are worth a mention on Toywalker's Blog.

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

WWF Action Figures by Hasbro - Straight from the Golden Age of Wrestling

While I went through another huge lot of WWF Hasbro figures that I got, I was hooked on this old familiar feeling again. A feeling I can hardly describe, if not with the words of divinity again.

Everytime I watched the World Wrestling Federation matches at my friend's place as a kid, it simply blew me away into another sphere. The show, the colors, the screaming audiences, the fighters in the ring - my senses of space and time, my modes of perception, they were no more. There was just this tremendous happening on the TV screen that hypnotized me, that I now was a part of.