Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

GI Joe Eco-Warriors - Toxo-Zombie (Hasbro 1992)

Today's toy of note is the Toxo-Zombie by Hasbro. It was realased as part of the GI Joe subline Eco-Warriors in the early 90s. Like with all the other Eco-Warriors, Toxo-Zombie had the 'Color-Change Battle Damage'. It also came with a water-shooting weapon action.

As a big fan of everything battle damage and freaky color schemes, I knew I had to own this toy when I first saw it. That was pretty late actually, as late as the GI Joe 30th Anniv. Zombie-Viper hit the stores. (Yeah, shame on me! But I can't remember that we had any Eco-Warriors in Germany at all.)

So, the Zombie-Viper wasn't the first Zombie GI figure that Hasbro came up with. That's what I first thought. It was this sweet Living Dead of a Toxo-Viper.

I'd love to quote the original filecard here, but (un-) fortunately the MOC I got is Chinese, so I can't read a word. But you can find a scan of this amazing character on

I know, some more photos of the loose figure would've been great. But I just can't bring myself to open that precious MOC. Its a total work of art the way it is. So, I definitely need to get me a loose Toxo-Zombie in the near future, as well, so I can provide you guys with more insights in this fantastic piece of bubble gum colored plastic!

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