Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

SpaceX Moon Base HQ (Tri-Ang 196?)

As a kid of the 80s - the golden age of action toys - I've never been into stuff from the pre-classic action toy era. When it comes to action toys, I guess the 50s simply sucked. Europe lay in ruins due to WW2, that had raged until 1945. I can imagine the people of the 50s got sure better things to do, than cheering for toys that came with bombs, rockets, and guns. But this was about to change drastically.

You can often hear collectors saying, that the birth of the (modern) action figure goes back to the 60s, when the first 12" Action Man and GI Joe figures hit European and US markets. Toys are not created in political vacuum. And as a matter of fact, humans are pretty good in misremembering learnings that history has taught them. So, in coincidence with the political climate of the Cold War, following WW2, the first action figures to be known were heavily armed soldiers of duty. It were also the 60s, when Western Capitalism and Eastern Socialism were batteling each other in the Race for the Moon. Which also manifested in the toys of that era and led to some amazing results, at least when told from the perspective of an action toy collector.

Collectors of my age sure don't know much about it. Well, at least I did not before I came across a sealed Tri-Ang SpaceX Moon Base HQ playset. (It was among a lot of other, merely 80s action toys.) But thanks to the World Wide Web, almost all the information you need to identify a toy is available. After some research, I got in touch with Paul and some other veterans of toy collecting, assembling around - a pretty cool site, that is dedicated to SpaceX toys and the like from the 60s. After finding out about the value of the Base that I got, I wanted to turn it over to somebody who knew to appreciate it. Which at least had to be somebody, who grew up with these toys.

Shortly after Paul (thank you, Paul!) did publish a note on his blog about the Base that I was selling, collector John contacted me and I sold it to him. John is a kid of the 60s and a huge sucker for SpaceX toys. After receiving the HQ, he told me about a diorama he was planning to set up the toy more properly. I asked him to send me some pictures as soon as his dio is finished.

So, what you can see here now, is the result of Johns effort and the nice SpaceX miniature playset I turned over to him. I must say that even to me being an 80s kid, set up on a proper moon surface dio like this, this 60s toy is sure one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my whole collector's career!

You know what this nicely set up, about 12 cm x 3,5 cm big piece of plastic is telling me? It's telling me that the passion for collecting toys goes across all boundaries! It tells me that in a time of impermanence, peace lies only within the collector's eye, searching for and finding the perfect arrangement for his beloved action toy.

Yes, in contrast to many other action toys, the Tri-Ang Moon Base itself expresses this deep desire for peace. The HQ is not armed. It contains a sleeping- & snooker room instead (yes, snooker!), besides a cinema, a control room, and a garage for some sort of moon vehicle. This toy is typical for the 60s, yes. But typical not in being military, but in expressing the 60s people's longing to find peace at last - far away from earth, and its on-raging wars.

Thank you, John!

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  1. Glad to be of help Luke. Great blog item. I love the peace element. And thanks for sharing your diorama John. Cool!