Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Krunch (Hasbro 1996)

Wether you love or you hate them, the Modern Action Man (MAM) figures by Hasbro. Some might consider them to be Barbies for boys. And that's indeed what they are. The 1st GI Joe action figure as well as its European counterpart - the Vintage Action Man - was the toy industry's approach of the 60s, to get boys hooked on 12“ Barbie-like dolls. Sure, to be considered boys' toys, the dolls had to be men. And instead of housework and horses, their main business was warfare and tanks. Just like in the real world!

In the 90s Hasbro came up with a modern Version of the European classic, originally distributed by Palitoy in the 60s. The theme changed from a military based to a merely sporty outfit. The Team Extreme series of MAM consisted of kick boxers, mountain bikers, inline skaters, and free climbers, instead of gunners, grenadiers, and bomb throwers.

One of these Team Extreme dudes was Krunch, a black boxer, who was supposed to be the youngest member, fighting the villain Dr. X in the MAM universe. The ID card tells us even more. Krunch's real name is Duane Curtis, aged 29, a boxing professional, combining physical strength with some special technique. 'Weapons: None. Krunch himself is a weapon.' (LOL!)

Krunch was released with a 'Marvel mini-comic', giving us a short introduction on his story, how he's been kept as a prisoner by the evil Dr. X, and forced to test the fighting skills of a new droid, that the villain had constructed. The comic is really bad, actually. There's more excitement about the figure!

Krunch came in red black colored shorts, wearing golden boxing gloves, black (Adidas?) sneakers, and a red golden belt, that can also be worn as a 'cool' wrist band (for boys!). Like all the MAM figures, Krunch has the typical lack of articulation. The description on the box says 'articulated body'. But the only moveable joints the figure has, are its neck, shoulders, waist, and knees. Which somtimes makes the figure look more like a stiff, black painted Ken than a professional boxer.

Though, there's something about this guy I like. He's kept simple, minimalistic. Just like the sport of boxing, that I'm a huge fan of. But there's another thing, which makes him a must-have for my personal collection. - Krunch is a 'misfit'. He's a misfit, because he's the only black skinned MAM figure that has ever been released! Which also makes him one of the more 'rare' MAM figures.

Unfortunately, the fact of being a rare MAM doesn't mean to be valuable. Or let's say, it's not yet like this! I bet MAM figures are going to be more valuable in a few years, when the kids of the 90s start to collect their old childhood memories. Just like us, the kids from the century before, started to collect their childhood heroes from the 80s!

Apart from this, I can tell - Krunch is already now worth being collected!


  1. Krunch is Remy Bonjasky

    I bet MAM figures are going to be more valuable in a few years, when the kids of the 90s start to collect their old childhood memories.

    Hahaha That's me!

  2. Same mold / sculpt as GI Joe Hall of Fame Heavy Duty