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PotA Cornelius 12" Figure (Sideshow Collectibles 2004)

It's here, my first Sideshow "toy" I ever owned, the 12" Cornelius "action figure". A lot of adult collectors got into Sideshow Collectibles these days. They're amazed about their detail and quality. They seem to be right. As a sucker for the Planet of the Apes (PotA) movies, this 12" Cornelius is one of the most detailed and valuable PotA "toys" I got my fingers on so far. Though, I'm not quite sure wether to call it a "toy" or not. I think "collectible" is just the right term, since those quite pricey action figures (not even sure if this is a proper term here) are made for being displayed - no more, no less.

Sideshow's 12" Cornelius comes in a nice layouted box, giving us an introduction on the PotA universe and the character. I suppose everybody is familiar with the PotA movie's plot. Anyways, here's a short summary:

Whilst being on a space mission, astronaut Taylor and his crew are passing through a space-time shift to end up shipwrecked on a planet dominated by apes. As it turns out, the Planet of the Apes is Earth, but 2000 years in the future. Man's civilisation blew itself up in a nuclear overkill. Before that, humans kept apes as house pets, so they learned to develop human-like skills throughout the years, building up their own Ape society and culture, right after man's downfall. While the feared Dr. Zaius and the ape's Ministry of Science are hiding this truth from ape's society, a young promising archeologist named Cornelius and his wife Zira are sure, that Taylor is the missing link to their theory, that apes might have evolved from man. To find out the truth about their ancestry, Cornelius, Zira, and Taylor clandestinely travel to the so called "Forbidden Zone", where the young archegeolist once found bones and artifacts from a culture more advanced than Ape.

Back to our highly detailed action figure: Sideshow's 12" Cornelius is packed with a figure stand, a small replica of the post-apocalyptic human doll, that he once discovered, as well as with a scroll and a small map of the Forbidden Zone. He wears his typical green clothes (made of real cotton!), identifying him as one of the academical chimpanzee caste, in contrast to the political orang-utan one wearing brown, and the gorilla warrior caste, wearing black/dark-blue clothes.

The head sculpt was done by Matt Falls, who did indeed a great job (what you expect?! this is Sideshow, dude - what's up?!). The accessories were designed by the anonymous "Sideshow Collectible Figure Team", who apparently didn't deserve to get their names on the packaging (yeah, I know, Kevin - it's all about the head sculpts. And your custom MotUC heads gonna get their credits on Toywalker's Blog very soon;).

Cornelius is one of at least ten PotA 12" Sideshow Collectibles. He came out in 2004, and is limited to 4000 pieces. Like I said before, it's a really valuable figure - highly detailed, with a great paintjob, and an amazing packaging - very different to the usual action figure stuff I collect (6 to 10 inch KO trash mostly LOL!). We'll see, if this 12" Cornelius gets me hooked on Sideshow now, too. In 9 days, I'm going to be 30. So, maybe it's just about time to get started with some "high quality products" for my personal collection. :)

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