Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Mad Gasser of Mattoon (Matchbox 199?)

Mini-figures rock! And as long as I'm waiting for the amazing OMFG figures from October Toys to arrive, I took a closer look at a particular figure from the MIMP series #4 - the Mad Gasser of Mattoon!

Most of the Monster in My Pocket figures are based on old (or pretty actual) monster myths and legends. Just like the Mad Gasser, who was supposedly a real thing in the 1940s, when a madman (or maybe woman) in Mattoon, Illinois was reportedly gassing people in their sleep.

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon figure actually looks different from what I expected the myth to look like. Anyways, this guy is the coolest figure from the 4th MIMP series I got my fingers on so far. Compared to the other figures he looks very different and contemporary. I like his gas mask and the hooks on his hands. The whole suit he's wearing looks pretty cool, with some sort of gas bottle on his back and hoses all over the body.

Three MIMP variants of the Mad Gasser have been released, colored yellow, purple, or - like mine - in green. Pretty neat figure! But see for yourself...

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