Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Power Arm Terminator (Kenner 1991)

It was back in the early 90s, when James Cameron was still good at films. Just like Kenner was at toys. In the wake of the success of Terminator 2, Kenner developed an action figure toyline consisting of a whole lot of figures, playsets, accessories, and vehicles. Here's a nice overview of almost all the Kenner toys that have been released. One of these - in my opinion - awesome action figures is the Power Arm Terminator!

I'm crazy about battle damaged figures, forms that bring forth an "organic construction" - units of man & machine, like Ernst Jünger put it once in his tremendous work "Der Arbeiter". (I already said this in one of my German articles. So, I'm just repeating for my English speaking toy buddies.)

The Power Arm Terminator figure has this nice battle damaged look, showing blank parts of Terminator's endoskeleton, and the skull with the infrared eye!

The figure came with three interchangeable arms: A clamp, a rocket launcher (rocket on pictured figure's missing, unfotunately), and a battle damaged arm with some sort of communication tool (?) coming out of the fist (reminds me about RoboCop - yay!).

I never had these toys as a kid. But I'm really toying with the idea now, to get me at least all the action figures of series 1 & 2 from the Terminator 2 line! ...If I just had the room to display them.

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