Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Space Crusader / Cosmic Crusade Spider-Man (Hasbro 2011)

Christmas is near, so this is probably my last update before all hell breaks loose. While I'd been on the quest of finding the last christmas presents, I came across some nice looking Spider-Man action figures yesterday. Apparently, they're part of the Spider-Man series by Hasbro, started in 2010.

Since there's already an excellent review by Essex on the 'Super Poseable Spider-Man', which would have been my first pick, I want to share the 'Space Crusader Spider-Man' with you instead.

Nomen est omen - the SC Spidey comes in a spacy suit with cool looking boots and an attachable mask. The latter definitely reminds me of the M.A.S.K action figures, that I'm a big fan of. The body is basically made of blue-transparent plastic with the spider suit and symbol painted on it. The figure is 3 3/4 inches tall and has two simple misslie launching attachments for the arms, that can be fired off by pulling the missiles in reverse to the firing direction. The SD Spidey's belt is made of clear-transparent plastic, decorated with a yellow paint job. The figure has movable joints at shoulders, knees, and head.

I'm not an original collector of Marvel Superheroes. But besides The Incredible Hulk, I guess Spider-Man is supposed to be the Marvel Hero I find the coolest. I remember reading the comics when I was a kid and how attracted I got to the character of Spider-Man and his amazing outfit. So I got to that Space Crusader action figure! It definitely hooked me on Spider-Man again, and I guess I'll have to get me some more of them. So far I know, six waves of the 2010-2011 Spider-Man figures have been released, so there's a lot more to go...

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