Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Renegades Cobra Commander (Hasbro 2011)

I wasn't a huge fan of the GI Joe Renegades action figures in the first place. I don't like their anime/manga influenced style so much. Sure, this is exactly what's selling these days. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it fits within the main concept of GI Joe. (On the contrary.)

Well, I opened a Cobra Commander MoC yesterday for a more detailed examination. And I was surprised. Seeing him unsealed, the Renegades Commander is most definitely cooler than I thought.

The Cobra Leader comes in a blue coat, that looks like a WW1 German lieutnant dress. He's got a snake, a black snake staff, an also WW1 looking gun, and - the best of all - an extra interchangeable head with the Commander's characteristical blank steel mask.

The first thing I did, after unsealing the figure, was to change its head. It definitely looks cooler with the helmet on. The other head is ok though. Probably some customer should go ahead and make the half mask look like a WW1 head bandage, with some blood stains on it. This would be awesome and fit perfect with the Commander's dress coat.

The idea to give the Cobra Leader a vintage WW1 appereance is exhilirating, in my opinion. When Cobra joined the line, it was supposed to be the world's or the US' enemy #1, threatening it with war and destruction. Exactly like the damn Krauts did a few times in the first half of the past millenium. So, is there a better way to give a figure a hostile appearance than simply dressing it into a vintage 'German' uniform? I guess not.

By combining science fictional elements (the Commander's helmet), with historical elements (a WW1 coat and WW1 weapon), Hasbro has created a timeless, cool looking action figure. If you're a fan of the 25th Resolute Cobra Commander, you'll sure like this action figure as well.

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