Sonntag, 20. November 2011

The Corps (Lanard 200x)

Like williambwest put it once on twitter, if you tell your grandma to get you some GI Joes, you'll be getting The Corps! This is why hardcore GI Joe fans hate The Corps, somehow for a good reason. Lanard has been copying GI Joe ever since. They always have been cheap and poor looking knock-offs of the originals. Anyhow, when I take a look at the new ones I got my fingers on yesterday, I have to admit that a lot of progress has been made towards a self-consistent toy line.

Connor Bradic 'Bolder'

Figures like Arturo Zorin alias 'Ravage', the ninjas 'Mirage', 'Rain', and 'Decoder' are freaking sweet looking figures! Sure, a character like 'Shadow' is still a knock-off of Hasbro's Storm Shadow (or Snake Eyes) - anyways is he a cool looking guy!

The figures are selling in various kinds of boxes. I got myself a single carded 'Ravage' and two 3-Man Recon boxes, 'Covert Command' and the 'Shinobi Squad'.

I was quite amazed to find these guys in a regular toy store ('Spiele Max'). They regularly don't sell such cool looking stuff over here. (Why they're having The Corps in stores now but still no GI Joes remains a mystery to me.) As it appears the 'new' Corps are released in Germany over a year later than in the US and the UK.

Anyhow, what I wanted to say is that I'd be thankful towards my grandma if she got me these Corps. Even, if some 30th GI Joes would still be the better choice. ;)

Arturo Zorin 'Ravage', buttom: Hugo Ortiz 'Shadow'

Ravage MOC

Ravage's cardback

Cool looking dudes (from the left): 'Boulder', 'Shadow', 'Decoder', 'Mirage', and 'Rain'

The Shinobi Squad MOC


  1. Nice review! I sculpted all the New Recruits for Lanard a couple years ago, they were my first articulated pieces.

    Thanks Again!
    Chris Elizardo

    1. Hi chris, thx for reading! Just checked out your site. Nice works, just like your corps designs! Love that frankenstein. I'm sorry for the awful pics on my review. I had no better equipment at that point of time. As soon as I find the time I'm gonna upload some other pics. Your corps deserve better!