Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Turly Gang - Fighters for Freedom (Europlay 1991)

I'm totally into bootlegs and knock-offs these days. You wanna know why? Well, I guess I just don't wanna go with the float. To me, collecting action figure knock-offs feels like listening to some lousy independet crust punk music. I like crust punk music not only because of the raw sound. It feels good being one of those who like something the majority dislikes and calls "ugly".

The most hated (toys) are just good enough to get the love of the Toywalker! So do these two beautiful Turly Gang action figures I got my fingers on last weekend. For those who don't know - Turly Gang is indeed a knock-off of a knock-off (or even bootleg?), namely of the Galaxy Warriors or Galaxy Fighters produced by Sungold in the early 80s. The Turly Gang was released by Europlay in the early 90s. The figures were similar in some parts, using same molds and heads, but had different wristbands, weapons, and colors. One I got my fingers on is Spikes, called Anubis or Walph in the Galaxy Warriors / Galaxy Fighters toy line.

The Spikes I had when I was a kid came with a black armor, black shield, and a black curved sword. Different versions have been released though, containing different accessories. I can remember when I entered the store nearby my grandparent's house seeing the Turly Gang figures hanging there for I guess 5 DM (German Marks). Today, that would be 2.50 € or $ 3.50 for a figure. Back then, I was amazed to get such cool looking action figures so cheap! It's even more crazy noticing a small group of today's collectors paying $ 40 and more for a figure like this.


A Turly Gang figure which I didn't have was this TMNT looking guy. He was released in various versions as well. When it comes to accessoires I remember him having an oxygen bottle, a black sword, and a shield. His name was Primus.


It's obvious that the creators of the Turly Gang tried to jump on the TMNT bandwagon. The Turtles action figures were very popular in the early 90s. So have been the Masters in the 80s, that Sungold's Galaxy Warriors have been imitating. I guess Europlay just came along and bought the body molds from Sungold for some peanuts at the beginning of the 90s, gave them some new colors and a turtle looking head. Awesome, thanks to Europlay we still had action figures in 90s' Europe that actually could have been straight from the 80s!

11-29-2011, blog update: I just wanted to give you a short update, since more Turly Gang action figures arrived for my collection. I will just post the incomings below, enjoy!






TG Cardback from Alfi's Collection - Thanks Alfi!