Samstag, 12. November 2011

Skull Man (Remco 1982)

The success of the Masters of the Universe toys in the early 80s let other toy companies follow up with their own MotU look alike action figures. From this era come the Warrior Beasts, released by Remco in 1982. This cool looking guy called Skull Man is one of them.

Skull Man originally came with a red cape, a knife, and a bow. The figure is kept simple in sculpt and design. But Skull Man convincingly proofs that a cool looking action figure doesn't need more than a body of muscles, a skull, and a cape.

It's absurd what one might call a skeletor "bootleg" or "knockoff" is worth quite a lot more than the "original". A loose, good looking Skull Man is most definitely very rare and hard to find. He actually never achieved the output of a MotU figure. This also means, that having a Skull Man MOC is nearly unaffordable today. Especially in Europe, where the Warrior Beasts officially never have been released.

The molds of Skull Man were used lateron for the Remco Conan Jewel Thief action figure from 1984. 

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