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OverTop Man - Rare "Originals" from the Early 90s

I already did a blog on OverTop Man. But when I was writing it I didn't have all the inside scoop. Besides it was written in German, a language that some of my toy geek associates on twitter don't understand. So, let's have another blog on "OverTop Man"!

After I located a set of these freaky looking action figures in the basement of another Berlinian toy geek a few months ago, I must somehow got infected with the OverTop Man virus. It's a rare virus. Infact nobody has ever heard or seen of OverTop Man. Some would call it bootleg knock-off. But I wouldn't, since I've never seen anything like it. 

In case of OverTop Man I would rather speak of rare originals, unknown to the majority of the collectors scene. You won't find these figures listed on ebay (unlike the also rare "Warrior Beasts" or WCW bootlegs that are made of the same body molds like OverTop Man). You won't find them in usual toy blogs and galleries. It's almost impossible to find them anywhere. But after I've been searching for OverTop Man like an argonaut is seeking for gold in the muddy banks of toyland, I finally got lucky!

A friend called me last week, telling me that he met two grumpy old men who had tons of toys in their garage. And that they also had OverTop Man action figures they are willing to sell.

What you can see here now is indeed the largest MOC collection of OverTop Man I've seen so far. Showing at least 6 of 8 figures shown on the cardbacks: Indian Tiger, New York Gorilla, Mexico Wild Bull, Canadian Hawk, L.A. Horse, Japanese Whale, Japanese Warrior, and German Butcher. Figures and names fit perfect within the concept of "World Championship Wrestlers", which is the subtitle to the toy line.

OverTop Man Cardback

The Toys were released by Italy based T. T. Toys, made in China 1992. As far as I know OverTop Man was released only in Europe, which makes the toys even more precious for "bootleg" knock-off collectors in the US.

My up to date OverTop Man loose collection

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  1. Wuih,... I have 4 unit. Indian Tiger, Japanese Warrior, German Butcher, LA Horse... Still original