Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Monster in My Pocket (Matchbox 1990)

Kids of today are playing with Pokémon (are they still hip?). In the early 90s we had something better, called Monster in My Pocket (MIMP). I remember having the first series complete, consisting of 48 colorful 2'' monsters. It's been a hard piece of work to get them all, I can tell.

The monsters came out in single-, 4-, 12-, and 24-packs. You could check on the single packs which monster you might get, since these were just slim plastic bags. The 4-packs had a transparent blister, so it was easy to figure out if there was a monster in it you could use. There have been some (US) 12- and 24-packs that had transparent blisters as well. Unfortunately in my area the 12- and 24-packs came out as sealed cardboard boxes showing only one monster exclusively in the front. The other 11 or 23 monsters lay hidden in the box. Since the rare figures were sold within these 12- and 24-boxes, I ended up spending all my pocket money on Monster in my Pocket until I finally had the 1st series complete. I guess the guys from Matchbox knew exactly what they did.

Complete set of the 1st MIMP Series - #1 - #48

The whole idea behind MIMP was designed perfectly to get kids hooked on it: "Since the beginning of time, man has battled Monsters and great Monster Legends have existed in every culture... Now you can collect the greatest REAL MONSTERS of all time and, best of all, they'll fit into your pocket." This is what the small flyer says that was sold within the boxes. And yeah, it worked out pretty well in case of young Toywalker. Could there have been anything cooler than a collection of world's greatest monsters right in your pocket? Guess not.

Some of my MIMP favorites: #6 Tyrannoraurus Rex...
#37 Ghoul...

You could also "play" MIMP. Each monster had a number on the back describing it's value. The highest value in the 1st series was 25 points, the lowest 5 points. The monsters with the higher values won. I ain't got a clue how this game should have worked out. To be honest I never "played" it. I was just hooked on these amazing little figures and wanted to have all of them!

#47 Skeleton...
#41 - Mummy..

#13 Monster, and #3 Werewolf.

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