Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

To my dear readers (in case they're still around)

Man! It's been more than a year since my last post on here. Apparently I'm lacking the drive and commitment to keep this site updated frequently. I'm sorry. But after five years in the toy business, my focus has certainly changed. I'm more into making my own stuff over at Goodleg Toys, with my man Pablo Perra (and with Ralph Niese joining in from time to time). I also started a new resin bootleg project, called Underworld Muscle. I wrote a comic script that is currently being put into comic book form by comic artist Lukasz Kowalczuk. Then there's my Knock-Off Collectors blog, and the Facebook fan page and trading group that I'm doing with my KO-collecting buddy Steve Seeley. There's alot of stuff happening. But keeping a mediocre toy blog running isn't one of my priorities at the moment to be honest. Also, the whole Toy Sector thing has developed from a "day job" into a merely small side project of mine. I could update the store on a more regular basis, as well. But I'm really only doing it when I don't have anything better to do. Which isn't the case very often. Where is my drive?

Anyhow, I'm feeling kinda responsible. Toy Sector is like the first child I gave birth to, and for some reason just moved a little out of sight. Other kids followed and took its place, and are keeping me busy day and night. Which doesn't mean that Toy Sector isn't still a piece of my heart. I put effort, energy, and passion into it. I can't just let it die.

Maybe I'll be using this page from time to time in the future to write down some personal thoughts on the toy scene in general. Maybe not. We'll see. See you around in a year, or two. ;)


Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

"Big Boss Buddy" - Goodleg Toys' 2. Unoffizielle Bud Spencer Actionfigur!

Oh weh, wie sehr ich diesen Blog doch wieder vernachlässigt habe. Es gibt einfach zuviel zu tun. Da bleibt oft leider das, was keine Miete zahlt, als erstes auf der Strecke.

Ich dachte mir, dass es dennoch wieder an der Zeit ist, einen kleinen Post abzusenden. Und wo meine anderen Projekte zum großen Teil auf Englisch laufen, tue ich mir nun die Ruhe an, und schreibe zur Abwechslung auf Deutsch.

Wie sehr habe ich mir als Junge eine Bud Spencer Actionfigur gewünscht!?

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Creatures MonsWars (Zhong Jie Toys 201X)

I returned to bootleg heaven some weeks ago. My last trip there was graced with some sweet finds. Tenerife turned out to be a true gold mine for bootlegs. Chino bodegas are spread all over the island. So the first thing I did when I got there was driving to my usual spots, where I was hoping to dig out new treasures. But this time, all I could find were stinky tanks, guns n' dolls . My old bootleg source seemed tapped. Mr Toy Turky began knocking on my door. But then I stumbled apon another gold vein!

Mittwoch, 6. August 2014

WAR ON PREHIS - SHE-DRONE (Goodleg Toys 2014)

I don't post on here very often. But when I do it better be awesome. SHE-DRONE, SHE-DRONE!!! That's the name of my latest creation, me and my partner at Goodleg Toys brought to life as part of our WAR ON PREHIS toyline.

Four-legged, with a flesh eating organism planted on her chest, a poisonous sting at her tail, and neon colored hair… She-Drone is the first female character Goodleg Toys ever created. It only took us 10 WoP figures to be precise. (10!! When did we start this thing again? Spring 2013?! WOW!!)

Freitag, 18. April 2014

'Nobody Likes Leonardo' (RICHT X GOODLEG TOYS 2014)

I haven't shared much of my Goodleg projects on here. Let's change this for today. Just in time for TMNT's 30th Anniversary and the upcoming movie, Goodleg Toys teamed up with the good guys from Streets of Beige & artist RICHT from the UK to bring you this! Straight from the underground's gnarliest sewer, baptized in Ooze, the limited "NOBODY LIKES LEONARDO" resin art toy! The most toxic TURTLES bootleg the world has ever seen!

Kit-bashed from a Mexican 5.5" Lucha bootleg and a Polish TMNT bootleg, the figure will come hand casted in translucent neon-green resin, featuring 4 points of articulation, a sword, and a packaging designed by RICHT. For all upcoming info keep following Goodleg Toys, RICHT, and Streets of Beige!